The Brede Valley is constantly evolving; its topography and wildlife are in constant flux. Keeping an eye on that change is important; it helps us understand which species are permanent residents and which migrate or have transient roles to play. It also helps us to form a view on the assistance we can give to enable flora and fauna to flourish, be it through the possible reintroduction of a species, or advice we can give to landowners and farmers to enable change to happen.

For details of the agri-environment schemes currently available to landowners, we suggest you have a look at the DEFRA website, following the link to Environmental Protection, and then on to Farming and the Environment.

Many of the wildlife records from the Brede Valley are held in a database at the Biodiversity Records Centre at the Sussex Wildlife Trust in Henfield and the Rye Bay Records Centre run by Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Several more formal surveys have been undertaken.

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