Special, beautiful and tranquil places like the Brede Valley... not far from the busy modern world, but not of it... are always under threat from that busy world.

As part of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the Valley enjoys some statutory protection. Sussex Wildlife Trust, assessing it as one of the richest wildlife sites in the whole county, has also designated the Valley as a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. In due course we should like to see the Brede Valley given even stronger protection by inclusion within the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

A few years ago the Friends of the Brede Valley group was formed to work towards further strengthening the Valley’s defences against the threat of road-building, inappropriate land drainage and other forms of damaging development.

The group broadly seeks to achieve its aim in two ways: 1) by further enhancing the valley’s environmental recognition and status, through the promotion of wildlife surveys and encouragement of sympathetic local landowners to undertake some habitat restoration - for schemes currently grant-aided by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs, go to and 2) by formally responding wherever any new development or plan poses a threat.

Please help support us in this task by becoming a Friend or Supporter of the Brede Valley. There is no more effective way of achieving our objective of protecting the natural environment, than sheer weight of enthusiastic and identifiable supporters who, when needed, are prepared to lend their names to the cause.

As a Friend of the Brede Valley, contributing £20 per year (£25 for a household) towards the ongoing expenses of our specialist legal, planning and environmental experts, you will be joining or continuing to belong to a group of loyal people who have contributed over the years to our successful defence of the Valley.

By simply providing us with your name and address (you can either e-mail us or send in your details – see our contact page for information) we will enroll you as a Supporter of the Brede Valley and may call upon you to help us by adding your weight to campaigns and petitions which we may from time to time need to raise against specific issues.

We invite both Friends and Supporters to contribute to our News section, by emailing their Brede Valley experiences, photographs and observations, which may in due course find their way onto our website.

Beyond our annual subscription, donations from Friends and Supporters are always of course very welcome. Cheques, made out to Friends of the Brede Valley, should be sent to: Richard Holmes, Beauchamps, Float Lane, Udimore, Rye TN31 6BY

Download Membership Form, or alternatively email us your details below and we will send you an application form.


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